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Our designs save lives and protect investments. We incorporate innovative seismic technologies and peer review traditional solutions to develop the best strategies for our clients’ businesses and ensure their safety and security.

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We want you to feel confident in the safety of your business. We keep your goals and vision in mind with every design, proposal, plan, and construction project to build a connection that ensures that our solutions meet your exact needs.

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Business Beyond Disaster

When an earthquake hits, numerous companies are faced with halted operations and mass repairs to attend to, often leading to further loss of capital and customers. By planning ahead, we save our clients countless dollars and hours spent on repairing damages that they can use to continue growing their business.

A Brief History

Christopher Smith has over 40 years of experience, overseeing complex building earthquake engineering projects and offering his distinct expertise in seismic resiliency and seismic improvement. Chris founded EQC Global in 2015 with the underlying mission of helping businesses ensure future success by preparing for the unexpected.

As an advisor to international and domestic governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, as well as building owners, Chris has contributed to reducing their vulnerability from natural disasters and provided guidance in attracting mitigation funding. Using his distinctive expertise in earthquake response, recovery, and disaster mitigation, he has expedited damage assessments and emergency response plans in California, Turkey, Romania and Haiti.


Now, as President of EQC Global, Chris has transformed the seismic engineering industry by providing a comfortable, proactive solution for businesses in the case of a natural disaster alongside his team of expert engineers. EQC Global provides expert natural hazard consulting delivering a competitive edge to its clients and creating value added strategies informed by science.

The firm’s business model is rooted in expert knowledge, value-based solutions, and responsiveness, all designed around specific current and future client needs. Having successfully completed 116 projects within the past 3 years, EQC Global stands ready to continue building history.


Chris’s unique perspective and knowledge has been shaped by his post-earthquake reconnaissance work in Turkey, Haiti and New Zealand. His extensive knowledge and experience have been invaluable in supporting the Romanian and Haitian Governments, the World Bank and the United Nations in developing, reviewing and implementing earthquake risk management and reconstruction programs.Merrick Leckey, Vistage Chair.

EQC Global’s approach to developing engineering solutions is markedly different from other structural engineers. EQC Global provides us with more creative and value-based solutions. Their creative ideas have been instrumental in supporting our project goals while adding value to our businesses”. Michael H. Mugel, Chief Executive Officer, Red Mountain Group.

The University engaged EQC Global due to your innovative approach, responsiveness, expertise, and excellent play by play analysis of design concepts.” Leon T. Roach, Director of Planning, Design and Construction, University of California Irvine Medical Center.


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