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Earthquake Engineering Consulting

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We provide smooth, streamlined operations with the sole end goal of meeting your business’s exact needs and ensuring your safety and comfort. With over 100 successful projects under our belts, there’s no project we can’t conquer.


Earthquake Engineering Consulting

Whether you’re evaluating an existing structure or designing a new one, we can help you equip your building with the newest safety technologies and features to withstand the forces of nature. Any structure. Any industry. We provide detailed planning and observation services through construction to give you the most resilient construction possible.

Resilience Planning

With a constantly changing environment, natural hazards pose a large threat to quality of life. By prioritizing risk management and properly planning and allocating resources, you can drastically minimize damages and even save lives. Our team offers guided, flexible assistance in addressing potential threats and developing strategies accordingly to keep your structure and business intact.

Business Interruption Planning

There’s only so much insurance companies can do when your business is affected by a natural disaster. It is therefore crucial to prepare ahead with contingency plans in the case of great loss or discontinued operations. Whether it be setting up backup locations, preparing disaster drills, or creating recovery steps, we provide expert knowledge to ensure your business’s ability to get back on track for success.

Existing Building Seismic Improvement

The older the building, the more susceptible it is to earthquake damage. But an outdated structure doesn’t mean you have to move. Our consultants perform detailed assessments to address needed areas of improvement, and create new plans to update and upgrade your building’s safety and durability.



Advanced Technology for Advanced Solutions

We’ve combined our own proprietary application for resilience planning with the best third party technologies to provide the highest quality solutions for you and your business.

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